Wife Bootcamp

It’s all about perspective.

Due to the massive amount of stress I’ve been under, I have roughly one emotional meltdown every 48-74 hours. Today it was shortly after arriving home from work to find what honestly looked like the destruction of a small tornado. My mom had had a very rough day physically, so any mess made by her during the six hours I had been gone was strewn all over the kitchen. Dishes I hadn’t had time to do before work and dishes from her lunch and snacks throughout the day were literally overflowing the sink and covering most of the counter. As I prepared dinner a pizza fell apart and scattered crumbs over the stove, floor and counter, and I looked around and just lost it. I’ve been having really bad back/shoulder pain lately and spend most of my six hour work day doing out-of-dates on dog food. So lots of lifting heavy things and squating down and wearing out my already sore back.

Dishes and crumbs aren’t worth crying over, you say? No. They aren’t. But it wasn’t the dishes or the thought of having to do them that sent me over the edge. It’s the reason why. It’s the constant reminder than my mom is very ill. The nagging worry that she may not be at my wedding or get to see her grandchildren. I can handle the work, it’s the reminder of why it’s needed that breaks me.

That being said, I’ve decided to pretend this is wife bootcamp! By the time I’m actually married, I’ll have this dishes, laundry, house cleaning and dinner making thing down pat! ^_^ And when I transform my perspective on the work, it really can become fun (about 70% of the time, at least).

An Hour of Prayer

To my dear followers, my father has asked me to share this with people I know, and though I don’t know you personally, I think there are a lot of you who have hearts for God and would be willing to participate. The following is a letter from my father to you.


An hour of Prayer for Liz

Please read on, I am only asking for 1 hour of your time. 28 years ago I met a cute young girl at a church skating night at a local rink in St. Petersburg Florida and the adventure of a lifetime together began. Three years later we were married and on December 30, 2014 we will have our 25th wedding anniversary. And I hope there will be many more to follow. But how many more depends on the grace of our Heavenly Father.

A short time back, after several years of symptoms and a number of Doctors, Liz was finally diagnosed with an unusual disease that effects different people to varying degrees. Polymiositis is a condition where the bodies immune system attacks the muscles and lungs, destroying muscle tissue and the lungs ability to absorb oxygen. Unfortunately for her hers has been a severe case, she has gone from a very fit, capable and strong woman to house bound in less than two years and is now fully dependent on an Oxygen generator, not having had the strength to leave the house in almost two months.

Medical science offers no cure for this disease. We have prayed as a family and fully understand that sometimes the answer is no but we refuse to give up and know that the more grave Liz’s situation the greater the glory to God in her healing.

God is able to perform miracles. There are so many recorded in both the old and new testaments and God is unchanging. A storm was calmed, multitudes fed, diseases healed and even some raised from the dead. in the new testament as well as the old. God has not lost His power or His desire to help His children. What He did in those days He is fully able to do today but we often fail to ask. Help me to ask, let our combined mustard seeds of faith be an offering pleasing to our God.

I am asking for your prayers, united prayers for Liz’s healing on a specific date and time. Selfishly because I want her around for many years to come, but also and more importantly to glorify God.

To that end I ask you to set aside one hour on Sunday November 9, 2014 to pray for Liz. From 2pm to 3pm on that day (eastern standard time) please unite with us and pray for her healing. Not a remission of or reduction in symptoms, but a complete healing and restoration to health. We pray in belief that she can be healed for His glory.

Let your voice be heard in heaven. Purify your heart by asking forgiveness for your sin, forgive those against whom you might have a grudge, fast as you feel led in preparation for this hour of disciplined prayer and join our family as we pray for Liz’s healing.

Thanks for even taking the time to read this and please join us if you feel the Holy Spirit lead you to do so.

Rob P.

Please pass this on among believing friends and family so we can involve as many as possible.


As I think I’ve mentioned before,  my mom is very ill. 24/7 oxygen, confined to the house ill. And she never feels well, even on her best days. As with any of us, it’s easy to get grumpy and short tempered when you don’t feel well. Especially when you haven’t felt well for more than two years.
Also, when you’re short on sleep (me) or just worked a long hard day (both dad and I), it’s easy to be grumpy as well. I feel like the trend in my house lately is grumpy and short tempered. And it’s so hard for any of us to be the only one in a good mood, the majority usually wins, even if the majority is on the grumpy side.
I’m very worn out. Often times suffering from headaches, stress related stomach pain and other things. And I’m sure my family is too. Anyway, that being said, please pray for my family and I. We need it.

The Wallflower Blooms

I apologize for having neglected my blog for quite some time. Life has gotten in the way, and probably will continue to do so. But, to those of my followers who are reading this: THANK YOU for sticking with me! For bothering to read this even when you haven’t heard of me for ages! You rock.

Recently something awesome has happened. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve finally started spending time in scripture literally every day with the help of a good friend of mine. And it’s helped me in so many ways. God has impressed upon me the need to start attending church regularly, get into the body of Christ, get connected, start serving, get off my island of isolation. So I began looking for a new church. I finally decided to try out one that is literally three/five minutes away from my house. A smallish church that’s been there for as long as I can remember, one that I attended VBS at when I was a little camper.

I’ve been there four or five times now, and attended the “college” (aged) bible study twice. It had been quite some time since I’d been in a group of new people, and even longer since I’d been in a group setting at all… I was prepared to have my usual insecurities resurface, prepared to be the ultra quiet, introverted, anti-social girl that I have been for so many years. The awkward wallflower, always present but never involved. I didn’t go into it thinking that I’d try extra hard this time to be outgoing, or that I’d force myself to talk to people, I honestly didn’t think about what I would try to do or not do, I just took a deep breath and dove in. And God showed up, guys.

In the past, walking into a room full of new people was like a mouse walking through a room of tigers. I was petrified, internally shaking, heart pounding, basically overreacting in every sense of the word. And if that room of new people was primarily guys, watch out. Multiply that nervousness times a thousand.

This time, after leaving the church service, I did what I’ve never done, and sought out help at the welcome center. The guy at the welcome center was… well… A guy. A mid-twenties guy. And I didn’t even hesitate to ask him if he would help me find the room for the college age bible study. He walked me to the room filled with more twenty something guys and I walked in, introduced myself, and casually made small talk. I got involved in the discussion during bible study, offered my opinion, laughed, joked, and WAS A REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME. This last week I even poked fun at one of the guys because he doesn’t like coffee. WHO AM I?

Answer: A precious child of God who has finally, after all this time, accepted her worth in Christ and let go of her fears of rejection. Amen. I’m so excited to get to know myself as this confident, outgoing, far more charismatic girl I’ve somehow become. I didn’t know I had it in me, but God did, and once I let Him in, he took of the chains of insecurity and set my heart free. Praise Jesus.

Infinitely Valuable

God has given you a gift of infinite value because he see’s you as infinitely valuable. Have you ever thought about that? I have in the past I think, but just recently in my studies and in church this morning it’s become poignant to me (I just had to look up “poignant” to make sure it actually meant what I thought it did).

The song in my previous post speaks that truth very clearly as well. God see’s incredible value in each of our lives, individually.

The sermon today was on loneliness– which was pretty neat, considering loneliness was what drove me to go to church in the first place. I’ve been feeling the need to get involved in a church family and allow myself to be used. And today was the first church I had on my list to attend. I actually only live about 4 minutes away from it, and I used to go to VBS there when I was little.  The pastor talked about how one of the first steps to overcoming loneliness is to love yourself. See yourself as God sees you. If you feel like you are nothing special, and have nothing to offer, you won’t offer yourself– you friendship– to others, and thus will always be lonely. This is a message I feel like God has been drilling into my thick skull for literally years. You cannot just sit and wait for people to come to you, you have to go out there and seek to be a friend in order to find respite from loneliness. (Looked up respite too. It’s like, I know I have good vocabulary, but I always forget if I’m right about what a word means. :P ) One of my best friends gave me some great advice when it came to finding a church to regularly attend. He said to look for a place where you can serve, not a place just to be served. Serving is so much more fulfilling than being served. Of course, this is just my first Sunday at this church, but I came away with a good first impression, and I’m intending on trying it again next week. :) Hoping to be just as pleased then as well. ^_^

Pslams, Mount Zion, and 1 Corinthians 3:16

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised

in the city of our God.

His holy mountain, beautiful in elevation,

Mount Zion, in the far north,

the city of the great King.

~Psalm 48 1-2 (NRSV)

Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?

~1 Corinthians 3:16 (NRSV)

Today in my reading I camped in Psalm 48 for a while. Verses one and two caught my eye. Though this verse talks about Mt. Zion, I am named after another Mountain, Mt. Moriah. As I was thinking about the description of Mt. Zion, 1 Cor. 3:16 came to mind. It felt as though God was giving me a hug and saying “You are my temple, my beautiful daughter, in whom I delight. You are covered by my grace, I see you as lovely, I cherish you.” It’s a reminder I definitely needed. God is awesome.