Can’t Buy Me Love

Everyone’s heard the phrase “money can’t buy happiness”, and you can see the proof through all the unhappy rich people splattered across the tabloids and on TV. They have not a care in the world when it comes to money, but they’re bouncing from one relationship to another, some are in and out of rehab, even the drastic and freaky styles are a more subtle form of unhappiness showing through. But why? Why can’t financial security create happiness? What is it that causes the chaos in these peoples lives? What keeps them from settling down with one spouse and just relaxing in the luxury, happy with what they’ve got? I think I know the answer.

In Erwin Raphael McManus‘ book, “Soul Cravings” he talks about the undeniable cravings we all carry deep inside ourselves. Not just in our hearts and minds, but in our very souls. Some may try to deny the existence of our soul, claiming that we’re all just cosmic mishaps formed from billions of years of smaller cosmic mishaps. But our souls scream for our attention, they refuse to stay forgotten and neglected.

Have you ever been standing in a room filled with people, and felt more alone than you’ve ever been? Have you ever spent weeks, months, years saving up for some great reward only to realize after you’ve gotten it that you’re not any happier?  Your life still feels meaningless, even with your new iPhone complete with “Face Time” or your brand new car. Soon your phone sits at the bottom of your purse or in the pocket of your jeans, forgotten. Why? Why can’t you be happy with what you’ve got? I know why. Because your soul is missing a key piece. It can’t work properly without it, it wasn’t designed to. Love. No, no, not reality TV love, not steamy romance novel love, those aren’t love anyway. That’s something called lust, starts with the same letter, but it’s completely different.  No, the love I’m talking about is eternal, unconditional love, and it only comes from one source. Your Creator. God created us- women are particularly sensitive to it- to crave tender, gentle, undying love. Notice, girls, how when you see a movie or read a book where the Knight in shining armor does anything and everything to earn the love of the girl we get the warm fuzzies and just long for the same treatment. He remembers everything about her, knows her like the back of his hand, would die for her in a heartbeat, wants the very very best for her, no matter what that means for him. Not only that, but if you really dig deep, it’s the Knights who respect the girls bodies and hearts, not using them sexually but waiting for marriage, aka, committing to them wholly are the ones we really love. Why is that? It’s because that is a horribly lacking version of the love your Creator has for you, and an image of what God wants you to look for in your future spouse.

Deep inside each of us is an empty space perfectly formed to fit only one matching piece, and you won’t be happy until it’s filled. You can try to stuff that space with things, but they won’t fit. You can try to squish sexual love (aka, lust) into it, but it festers and starts to rot you from the inside, like poison. You can even ignore the space and pretend it’s not there, but it screams and wails to be filled, and eventually it will make you listen. Some conclude after trying every puzzle piece on earth that the space can only be filled with death, so they end it all. No solution is more pleasing to Satan. Once you’ve tried that one, you can never go back. The space remains forever empty and you never taste the intoxicating love of the one who knows you best. Some think they’ve found that piece in religion, but what they’ve really done is douse the empty space in anesthetic. It still aches and moans, but they’ve dulled it enough with their rituals and rules that they can ignore it as long as they keep busily working their way to paradise. But trust me, no matter what they say, when they’re alone with no distractions, it grows louder. It burns, it throbs, it cries out for help. So they conclude that they’re not doing “it” right and dive into more rules and regulations, pouring an extra dose over the empty hole and dulling the screams a little longer.

You’ll never be right inside until the space is filled with God’s forgiveness and love.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him…”

Revelation 3:20

God is ready and waiting for you to open the door to your soul so he may fill it with himself and remake you into the person you were always meant to be. He’s the only one who can complete you, the only one who can make you whole inside. He calls gently to you, begging you to let him in so he can guide you into your specially made place in this world and prepare you for all that you’ll come to face. With God by your side, though life won’t be easy, you wont have to face it alone and you’ll never have to worry. He’s got the whole world in his hands, and he’s not going to drop it.

  • Notes: Another from school, January of 2011!

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