The Most Wondrous of Ways


Pardon the improper “E” that is in this.

My friends, my closest friends, the friends I literally crave the company of on a 24 hour basis, are some of the oddest, most intoxicatingly lovely people I know. They’re encouraging, uplifting, hilarious. They challenge me to be better, they remind me who I am in Christ. I always leave time for them, not just because I want to, but because I need to. Their personalities, hearts and humor make them the most beautiful people I know. I only have about 5 people like this, 3 of which I don’t go a day without talking to.This post is to brag on them. The three aforementioned people do read this blog, and I want them to feel special.

I’ve been through a lot with them in the short time I’ve known them (ranging from 4 years to about 2, if I remember correctly), they’ve helped me overcome so, so much, and changed me for the better.

Sadly, all three of these folks live pretty far away from me. So even while I’m talking to them, be it texting or video chatting or whatever, I still miss them. Constantly. I’m not one for flippant friendships, I bond very deeply with a select few people. My heart only has room for about two people whom I will love to the point of vulnerability, and everyone else, though I do love them, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they stopped contacting me. I have found one in-between for this, a girl friend of mine who is nine years older than me, whom I hangout with a lot. She is one whom I would miss if she were to leave, but it wouldn’t break me.

Tonight, I’m having what I call a “Lonely Night”. One of those “Why do the people I love have to live so gosh darn far away and when will I have them close to me again?” nights. Little things mean so much when you don’t get them a lot. Just being with someone. As in, in the same room, on the same couch, watching a movie or talking or something. Anything. Just their voices I miss sometimes. In a world of texting and email, sometimes I just want to hear a laugh. Is it weird I also miss their smell? My “in-person” friend, (We’ll call her Jese), always gives me hugs when I see her. (And I reallllyyy like hugs from my close friends. I am a hug addict, though I rarely give hugs because I am painfully awkward) And she almost always smells like vanilla. I love it. I can’t explain it, she just smells good. And I know these long-distance friends of mine smell good too, but I never get to have them around to enjoy it! (Is that creepy? Just a little? Okay then.)

Anyway, guys (you know who you are!) I love you. You need to quit being far away. Seriously.

And to my followers, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Never underestimate the power of a Christlike friend.

I am dead tired, so please excuse any typos or grammatically errors. I must be off to bed now, I have to go to work tomorrow. Again. By the end of this week I will probably be bleeding coffee.

Until the next chapter.



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