Curves Vs. Skin

My super cool friend posted a blog in reply to my blog “Why Can’t I Dress Sexy?”, that was quite good!! And it made me think, as I was driving to work today, of a reply post to her reply post! (It’s beginning to sound complicated… But just, read my initial post, and then read her post, if you haven’t already read them, and then come back to this one. Or just read this one, whatever, I’m not your boss.)

In the quest to respect the Temple (which is my body, according to 1 Corinthians 6:19), and to not cause my brothers in Christ to sin, I have made some simple rules for myself. These are not in any way official, and they may not work for you (by that I mean they may not be strict enough for your personal taste), however, I thought I would at least share my thoughts.

Curves vs. Skin is one term I use to define my wardrobe. I am very strict about showing too much skin, but, rather than wearing baggy, unattractive things, I wear figure flattering things. Now, ladies, skinny jeans, leggings and yoga pants may be figure flattering for your body type, and they don’t show skin, but that does not mean they are modest. No man besides your husband needs to see every curve of your legs and butt. A rule of thumb to go by for jeans, you should be able to painlessly and easily slide your hand in between the outside of your hip and the seam that runs down the side of your leg (on both sides). There should be a bit of extra fabric there to allow you to move and bend easily. And NO PLUMBERS CRACK. That is just plain nasty. Also, leggings are not pants. Leggings are for wearing under dresses that are too short, and things like that where your butt is not in view. Yoga pants are for lounging around the house, or, if you go to an all women’s yoga class or gym (Such as “Curves” haha), so long as they aren’t tight enough to see your panty line, you can wear them there.

For shirts, the same thing is true. They should not be tight, but rather gracefully lay along the curves of your body. If you have a shirt that is low cut, wear a cami under it. You should not be able to see your bra through the shirt. They sell “nude” colored bras for a reason! (Side note, make sure you always wear the correct size bra. If you have to get sized, suck it up and do it, it is worth it. It can help with back pain, and it prevents that awful “spill-age/over-flowing” problem some of us bigger busted ladies have. You’ll be glad you did.)

When it comes to shorts, mid thigh or longer. These denim underwear they pass as shorts these days are ridiculous. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of my legs. My legs are insanely pale, I get razor bumps a lot, and I just generally don’t feel good in shorts of any length. So I usually wear capris.

It is very difficult to find modest clothes these days, so you have to be creative! For example, I have a workout shirt that is a bit low cut  under the arms, so it would show my bra on the sides quite a lot, and with it, a pair of workout spandex that my Dad calls “Bun-Huggers”. I fixed this by buying a cute pair of workout shorts which would otherwise be too short, that I wear over the pants, and a bright colored sports bra with good coverage to wear under the shirt. They whole thing looks very cute and sporty together, but isn’t showing anything it shouldn’t.

Swimsuit season is fast approaching, and I think many girls who usually dress quite modestly seem to forget that it applies to swim suits as well. NO ONE, under any circumstance, should ever wear bikini style swim suits. That is a glorified bra and underwear, ladies. This doesn’t mean you’re doomed to granny styled one pieces! (Which sometimes show a way too much leg anyway!)  They have some really cute tankinis now, and if you shop around, you can even find ones that aren’t low cut! Bikini bottoms should be a no-no. They have cute shorts, swim skirts, and surf shorts now that are much more modest and just as cute! Mix and match until you have a swim suit that you feel great in, and that a guy can appreciate for the right reasons.

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