Movies purchased for my by my awesome mother.

Movies purchased for me by my awesome mother.

Second day off since last Monday (the fourth), and this is how I’m spending it. At a time when I am drastically low on the moneys, my mother has seen fit to be extra giving. Because she’s awesome like that. (She says this and a nightgown she’s paying for are my Easter gifts instead of a basket, I told her, “I’m cool with that. I think I’ve well outgrown Easter baskets anyway. I’m above all that.” 😀 It should be noted I said all this in a weird accent and made flamboyant gestures. I am weird.)

If you’re wondering, I haven’t squandered all the money I’ve earned. However, after replacing the engine in my truck, and having had a very low pay, low hours job for a while, the funds from the second job haven’t caught up yet. Thus, I’m fairly broke. Such is life!

Thank goodness for kind mothers!



I’m a bit off sometimes…

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