This verse means a lot to me, for many reasons. But it never stuck out so much as when I had to get my wisdom teeth removed.

I am a royal wimp. My fear of needles (and also wasps!) is beyond ridiculous, to the point of being a bit dramatic. I wasn’t scared of the surgery, I was scared of getting my IV. My only other experience with IVs was back when I was about 10 or 12. I had a severe lung infection, to the point of being life threatening. By the time I went to the hospital, I had to ride in an ambulance. (Not with the sirens going, just needed the constant care, kept passing out due to lack of oxygen.) I was so dehydrated at that point that my veins had shriveled. It look a lot of digging to get the IV in, the doctor said she heard my screams two floors up.

The day before I went in to get my wisdom teeth removed, I drank a lot of water, and spent a lot of time asking God to calm my nerves, but I was still pretty freaked out. Most everyone I talked to either said something like “You’re a strong girl, you’ll be fine” or told me some horror story about someone they knew. Wasn’t so helpful. One of my friends, however, really encouraged me with this verse. He also promised to call me the day after the operation, which gave me something to look forward to. (Sadly I remember almost nothing of the call due to pain meds, but it was still nice.)

When I went into the room where they would be working on me, I instantly started to cry. I was just… scared. I was high on relaxant drugs, couldn’t walk straight, and was scared. To make matters worse, I knew, being a fan of biology, that stress makes the veins constrict. As soon as the IV dude walked in, he said to me, “Hm… where did your perfect veins go?”. Right about then, the verse my friend gave me came back to me, and I just repeated it over and over, trying to relax. He got the vein with just a slight pinch and a bit of burning, and the operation went well.

Not your typical, super powerful story about the power of scripture. Maybe it doesn’t move you much. But it sure meant a lot to me. And this verse holds a special place with me now. It’s not about how strong I am, or what I can take, it’s about my Father in Heaven, who is strong enough to carry me through the scary things. The things that make me weak. I don’t have to be strong enough. Because He cares about me, and is willing to walk with me through it all. I’m valuable to Him.


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