Tornados of thought, emotions, desires, all spin through my mind.

Flying to and fro behind the windows of my eyes, blurring my view of the world.

I close my eyes, try to draw one thought to the surface, only for it to flit away from my reach.

Disturbed by a million others, all fighting for attention.

They descend into my stomach, restlessly stirring. They make me ill.

They scream for attention.

Surely others can hear them by now.

Their complaints echo in my mind, all blending together into a moan of confusion.

I turn the radio dial up, trying to drown them out, only to have them all raise their voices in frustration.

Resting my head upon the steering wheel, I say a prayer.

“Lord, please, calm my fears. Help me trust you.”

The fearful thoughts stop their screaming, they listen to the prayer with interest.

“Give me hope for your plan.”

The impatient emotions take a deep breath, and settle down for a rest.

“Give me purpose while I wait.”

The anxiousness fades. Like smoke, it thins and vanishes.

Just the sound of the radio occupies the interior of the car.

It will come back. It always does.

It’s a day to day battle.

But I don’t have to fight alone.


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