Awkward Moments

A male coworker of mine came through my checkout line just after he got off work today.
On our registers, you have to ask for the phone number of the person you’re ringing out in order to finish the transaction.

Me: “Can I get your phone number?”

Him: “Sure, *tells me number*. So… gonna call me later?”

Me: *laughs* “No”. *quickly realizes by look on his face that he’s a bit offended* “I mean, I’m not much of a phone person… I don’t call people much.”

Him: “Yeah, I prefer texting.”

Me: “Yep, same here.”

*Both awkwardly stand there for a moment*

Him: “Well….. Hope you have a good day then.”

Me: “Yeah, you too!”

And thus marks yet another awkward conversation with the opposite sex.


  • PS, though I do a LOT more texting than talking on the phone, I actually really do like getting phone calls. So I don’t technically prefer texting. But, I do very much struggle with making phone calls. So I didn’t lie. But I also didn’t really tell the complete truth. I was kinda worried if I did, he’d ask for my number. haha

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