Workin’ On The Weekend

I have to go to work in less than an hour. From 12pm-8pm. And I am not looking forward to it at all. I think I have a pinched nerve in my back, my knees really hurt, and I’m having a bad hair day. I shouldn’t be this grumpy about it, after today I have four days off which just so happens to be the same week my dad has the whole week off. So that’s cool. Probably be doing some archery on Thursday with him.

Yesterday, a guy came into Lowe’s with a gorgeous golden retriever (dogs are allowed in my Lowe’s), I saw it coming from a distance, so I knelt down so it could come see me. It made my whole day better. It came and buried it’s head in my lap and let me pet its silky fur. I really wish I worked at a Petsmart or something, I would enjoy that so much more. Hoping to eventually get a job I actually enjoy. That’d be nice.

Don’t meant to be a downer today, I’m just very worn out and tired. And though I’m excited about my four day break, I’m also frustrated about it. Because I didn’t ask for it, and I generally need about 25hrs a week, and this brought me to about 16hrs for that week. I had to quit my last job because they weren’t giving me enough hours, and this job promised to give me at least 25hrs a week. It was technically supposed to be a full time position. Life can be frustrating.

I had a dream that my best friend called me, and just talked to me for a while, and made me laugh like he always does. That dream somehow lasted most of the night, and I woke up with a smile on my face. Sometimes, that’s all I really want. Interaction. To be shown that I’m important to those who are important to me. Hugs, and laughter, and gentle teasing, all make me feel loved and important and wanted. I need to be reminded sometimes. Not that I forget, but it just reassures me. My friend Jese sometimes  just randomly hugs me for no particular reason. At first I found it kind of awkward and weird. But I’ve grown to really love it. She also likes to play with my hair, braid it, or twirl it around her fingers. Any kind of touch like that from close friends just makes me feel appreciated. That’s part of the reason my job bothers me, I’m so worn out from it that most of the time I just sleep and relax on days off and don’t get together with friends. Or I try to, but they’re busy with their own job. I miss being an unemployed  homeschooler sometimes, lots of time for friends and fun. Being an adult can be a real bummer.

Till next time!



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