Prisoners Of War

Ever had one of those days where everything was going pretty well, you worked all day, but you sort of enjoyed it, learned new things, went outside of your comfort zone, did extra work to help others, and felt pretty good about yourself. And then Satan said to himself, “Ah-ha! Now is the perfect time to strike!” and suddenly, when you’re totally relaxed and unsuspecting, BAM. Temptation hits you like a freight train full of bricks. And before you’ve had a chance to realize it for what it was, you’ve already fallen for the trick. And you feel dirty. Low. And unworthy of love.

Today was one of those days for me. And it hurts. It feels like I’m breaking His heart. He gives me so much, and I have so little to give back as it is, but then I go and disobey Him… And every time I think to myself “This is it. This is the last time I am doing this to Him, to myself. It’s not worth it, it never was.” and yet… It repeats itself.

Not all temptations are easy to flee from. Some are nothing more than a thought you don’t want to think. A place you don’t want your mind to go. Some are brought on by things seen in places you can’t avoid, such as work. You have to prepare yourself mentally for these battles before they begin. Scripture, time spent with God, and a plan of action for the moments when Temptation strikes.

The most effective strategy I have found I first saw in “God’s Gift to Women” by Eric Ludy, which a friend lent to me. I highly recommend you read this book, whether you’re a girl or a guy, it’s extremely good. The main idea of his strategy is that after you identify what it is Satan frequently attacks, have someone, preferably a friend/acquaintance who is a nonbeliever ready in your mind so that when that attack comes, rather than trying to fight the temptation, you can focus all your mental energy on praying for the person you’ve chosen to focus on. It’s a powerful tool against Satan’s attacks. It’s answering his jab at you by going after his Prisoners of War with the mighty power of God’s Word and prayer. If you remember to use it. Write yourself notes, little reminders you’ll find throughout the day to help you do this. And when those notes get so rote you forget to read them, make new ones. On bright, eye catching paper. Keep the armor on at all times, and give the Devil a run for his money.


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