You Move, I Follow

God spoke to me today, as I was typing out one of those quotes for reflection on Ephesians about the Body of Christ. For a long time I’ve been considering joining a Bible study or a small group, and just hadn’t put the thought to action. I’ve been letting my world revolve around work, not pursuing anything beyond hanging out with a few friends on my days off. Today as I typed that quote out, God said to me “Hey, you’re too secluded. You need to actually do something about that small group thing. Right now.” So I did. Got the ball rolling in that direction at least.

Yesterday, my folks and I watched a sermon in which the speaker mentioned that  “living-for-your-days-off” life style. He said: “Shame on you, a child of God, live like that! God designed you with a special purpose that, once you find and get in it, will make your life come alive with meaning.” and I felt like he was speaking directly to me. I’m not sure I’ve found my special purpose yet. He describes it as a place where your talent and your passion intersect. I have a passion for people, I like helping people, I like doing things for people, being there when they need me. I’m intending to take some psychology classes and possibly pursue the idea of being a counselor, maybe a high school counselor. I’m told that is something I’m very good at. Though to be honest, I’m not sure if that’s what God has for me yet. I also intend to take some culinary arts classes, because I want to be the kind of wife whose husband brags about her cooking. 🙂

The last time I can remember getting a clear instruction from God and following through with it was when I got baptized. Again, I had thought about it for a long time and had never done anything about it, and God stepped in and said “How about now?”. Later on I found out that my Dad had been praying that God would lead me to that conclusion for several months. God is awesome.

So that really encourages me. Also, I found out that I’ll get about $691 back in my tax returns. Which is always a nice surprise. 🙂

Until next time, stalkers!



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