Ma’am vs. Miss

I’ve realized something rather odd lately since I’ve started working at a place with primarily male customers. There are several types of guys: When it comes to older men, there’s the polite, sweet ones who call me sweetie, hun or “little lady”, and the icky ones who call me baby or chick. Then there’s the younger guys, less bold, who generally call me ma’am. (That’s the South for ya.) I don’t mind being called ma’am so much, though it does make me feel kind of old. But recently I had four or so guys call me “miss” in one day. As in “Hello, miss, how’re you?” and even though it’s very polite, and unlike ma’am, does not make me feel old, it somehow feels even weirder than ma’am. Perhaps just because it’s so foreign to me that it just sounds wrong.

Perhaps I’m being picky. Really, I don’t know what I’d like them to refer to me as. I am wearing a name tag, after all. The few that do call me by name are usually my favorites.

And why is it that it’s nearly always the older men who flirt with me? Clearly they can see they’re old enough to be my grandfather… Have they just grown to enjoy making young women feel awkward? Or have they simply lost all capacity for feeling embarrassed or ashamed by their forwardness? I’ve literally had an 80 year old man say to his friend quite loudly “Lets go to that line, no, the one with that fine lookin’ lady!” I’m sorry, but…. That’s just all kinds of creepy right there. Seriously. Ew.

That being said, I suppose I should head to the gym now to insure I stay a “fine lookin’ lady”. :/



2 thoughts on “Ma’am vs. Miss

  1. At work I used to call customers “ma’am” until one lady said it made her feel old. So, whatever the age, I call em ‘miss.’ 🙂

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