An Off Day

So, today I spent most of the day feeling like a zombie. But, in effort to do something more than just doze on the couch, I dressed up a little and went to the mall.

Just FYI, no one goes to the mall on Monday. It was dead in there. I walked the whole mall with one mission: Find a pair of earrings that go well with my Hobbit necklace. Which I did, two little dangling arrows. For $3.

Then I went to Walmart, to pick-up some stuff for my folks and get more of my face scrub, and decided to get some really nice smelling shower gel too. All in all, only about $11.87 spent on “retail therapy”.  So I’d say that’s a success.

Listening to the radio, I heard two songs I already knew that hit me in the right spot today:

Tomorrow I will post more good quotes and less boring stuff, promise!




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