Compliments & Puppy Kisses

I was having a conversation with an older man at work today that ended up being really sweet. It went like this:

Me: (in reference to bringing another coworker a plant tomorrow) “I’ll remember!”

Him: “You will not. You’re, what, 19? The only thing on your mind is your boyfriend.” (he said this jokingly)

Me: “Ha, no.. I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve never even been asked out.”

Him: “What?! How?! But you’re such a beautiful young lady! And such a lovely smile! And you’re so sweet. You’re lyin’ to me!”

Me: “Haha, thanks, but nope. It’s the truth.”

Him: “Well, the guys you know must be complete idiots. Man… They’re blind. I don’t understand that… I mean, gosh, if I were 40 years younger…”

Me: *laughs* “Well, thanks.”

Him: “Y’know what? I think that very soon, some handsome, muscular guy is gonna come in here and ask you out, and six months later, I better get a wedding invitation. Just sayin’…”

He had to go back to work after that, break was over. But his compliments were so genuinely given that as I sat alone in the break room I had to work hard to keep myself from crying. I really appreciated them.

And that, folks, was the highlight of my day at work!

Well, also there was a really cute puppy at work today. So that too was quite nice. But sweet compliments beat puppy kisses.




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