Look who found a social life!

Today has been fantastic. And I really wasn’t expecting it to be.

First, I had an eye exam, which I expected to be kinda annoying. BUT, the optometrist was a youngish guy (late twenties, early thirties) who was really nice and pretty cute. He did not, however, understand my mom’s Star Trek reference, and thus is not cool. But, he fitted me with decent contacts, so now I can go places without my glasses and still see! And wear my sunglasses when it’s really bright. So that made me happy.

Then tonight, I went to my college and career group, which had a pretty poor turnout, and I was about 8 minutes late. Thus, I didn’t get to talk to anyone before the service. I was pretty disappointed, as I was hoping to talk to some of the folks from my Bible study. The message was really good though, which cheered me back up.

As I was talking to a couple of people afterwords, a guy I sort-of know (who always kinda creeped me out by hugging me, but after realizing I was creeped out, told me he would stop giving me hugs because he didn’t want to make me uncomfortable.) came up to me and said “I just came over here to say, you look extremely adorable tonight, and I really love your shoes.” (Another FYI, he was not flirting, he is not single, his girlfriend was with him, and that is why I wasn’t awkwarded out by this.) And that really meant a lot to me, because up until this point I had been feeling pretty blah. I ended up getting about 10 different compliments, all ending in “And I love your shoes!”, even from the guys. Apparently guys and gals alike think that cowboy-ish boots and a denim dress are pretty cool.

Just about ten minutes after this, as I was standing around talking to a few girls I hadn’t seen in a while, one of the guys from my Bible study comes up and says “Hey, you ready to go?” and they both say “Yeah! Let’s go!” and then he looks at me and says, “C’mon, we’re all going out to Rush’s (a local, very southern, burger joint), you should come too!” and after a moment of me standing there being confused and trying to figure out what just happened, I was hopping in my truck and following a train of cars to Rush’s. Ended up being about 20 people in all, several of them from my Bible study. When we arrived, two guys rushed to the door, one opened the door, and the other did a little bow and ushered the ladies in. It was great.

So I sat and had a late dinner with a bunch of people I barely know. And I loved it. I made a few new friends, got to catch up with one of my old coworkers who I hadn’t talked to since I left that job. It was really great.

As I was leaving, I was discussing height with someone (Because my boots have a slight heel, which makes me very close to 6′ tall in them), I said something about how I didn’t like being tall, guys are supposed to be tall. And a guy I have never met (Who turned out to be named Brandon), but was with the group, turns to me and says:

“What did you just say about guys?”

So I repeated, “I said guys are supposed to be tall.”

He replied “Psh. Nooo. Guys are supposed to be short. Girls are the ones who should be tall.”

“Well, that works for me, since I am tall, so okay.”

At this point, another guy returned to his seat next to Brandon.

Brandon: “Have you met my friend Daniel here?”

Me: “Nope. Hi, Daniel.”

Daniel: “*awkward* Heeyyy.”

Brandon to Daniel: “I don’t actually know who this girl is, but, I thought I’d introduce you to her cause… Yeah.”

Me: “Well, I don’t know you either, so…”

Brandon: “That’s true.”

Me: “…..Well, I’m Moriah, so now you have to tell me who you are.”

Brandon: “I’m Brandon!”

Me: “Cool. Brandon, Daniel, *points to self* Moriah, cool. And I kinda have to get going, so, it was nice to…randomly meet you two.” And I did a little curtsy. I have no idea why. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Brandon: “That’s the best way to meet people! Also, nice boots.”

And that, guys and gals, has to be the weirdest conversation I’ve ever had with…anyone. But it was extremely funny.

And to top it all off, as I pulled into the empty lot beside my house, two gorgeous deer were standing there, and just casually walked out of the path, vanishing gracefully into the darkest part of the wooded lot. I tried to whip out my phone and get a picture but they were gone too quickly.

I’m not used to having this much awesome in one day, folks. It gives me hope.

I promise, tomorrow I will post quotes. I have a bunch bookmarked, waiting to be posted and just haven’t gotten around to them yet. But they will come!

Until next time!



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