Rain Drops Are Fallin’ On My Head


I’ve just decided something. My ideal date would be a picnic in the rain, at a park. With some kind of overhang or umbrella thing to keep us dry while we eat. And then afterwords we could play tag. Not because it sounds romantic, and not because of that one scene in The Notebook (which I have not seen, nor will I ever.). But because it seems like so much fun. Laughter and playfulness and nature. What could be better?


All this brought on by the fact that it is cool and rainy today, and breathtakingly gorgeous. It’s days like this when I wish the most that I wasn’t single, so I could call up my significant other and suggest we go out and enjoy it together.

I’ll take rain check on that one. *wink* (I’m so puny!)

It will happen one day.



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