A Perfect Gift

Just a short post expressing my hatred of the content you can so easily stumble across on the internet these days.

Seriously, it’s gotten ridiculous. There is so much disgusting, vile, vulgar content in our society now, I just can’t even comprehend it. And even if you find it by accident, once you’ve seen it, if only for just a second, its stuck there in your head. Ready to be recalled for no apparent reason at any moment. In your dreams, while you’re having a conversation with someone, while you’re reading your Bible. It’s like Satan finds it particularly amusing to take someone who makes a great effort to keep their thoughts pure and take that one mistake, using it to make them feel as if they’re just as twisted as the rest of the world.

To push them down, and make them feel useless and dirty. Powerless against the temptations of humanity, and more willing to fall the next time that temptation rears it’s ugly little head.

Honestly, I dearly miss the days when I didn’t understand the dirty jokes in the break room. When I didn’t know the crude terms people have for sex and body parts and anything else they’ve come up with. I miss the innocence. That’s why I am so careful about what TV shows and movies I watch. I get enough filth poured into my mind from work and being around worldly people. I don’t want to have dirty jokes, innuendos and “steamy scenes” being put in my head while I’m at home as well. I want to be free of all of that.

I want to think of sex as something beautiful and private, to be shared with husband and wife alone, and not allow our cultures view of it to distort it and make sex in it’s entirety seem dirty and forbidden. I think that’s a trap a lot of Christians have fallen into. Society has turned sex into and act, a sinful act, and many Christian’s have allowed society to take it so far that we, the followers of Christ, think of sex as something nasty and unspeakable and forbidden. But it’s not. It’s a gift from God specifically for a husband and his wife alone. The coming together of two souls in a permanent union designed by God to link them together for life.

Satan loves to take God’s good and perfect gifts and make them into something horrible and damaging and destructive, and we cannot allow him to have the victory. We must remember to honor God by treating those gifts he has given with great care, and decency and respect. Sex is a holy union. Take care to give it the privacy, respect, and honor that it deserves.




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