Sunflowers and Daisies

To all the tall girls, the curvy girls, the girls with “out of control” hair, the girls who can’t tan to save their lives, the girls who don’t match up with the worlds standard of “beauty”, here is something a very dear friend of mine said to me that brightened my day, and I hope it does the same for you.


You are a gorgeous sunflower in a world that, unfortunately, values daisies. There is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful and bright and soft and strong, and your future husband will have spent his whole life looking for more substance than the pathetic little daisies that the world offers. And he will be overjoyed to find you. An equal. A woman he can’t break or push over. And you know why men often go for tiny little women? Because it reinforces their ego. It makes them feel big and strong and dominating. I want more than that for you. I want you to have a husband who is more humble than that. Who doesn’t constantly need his ego stroked by knowing that he “wears the pants” and that he’s soooo much bigger than you. Who loves you because he knows that you’re adorable, even if you’re more sturdy than some little wispy daisy.


Now, folks, I understand that just because a guy likes to be taller and stronger than his girl doesn’t mean that he’s searching for an ego boost. And this isn’t talking badly about petite girls either. But, if you’re honest, there are guys out there, and lots of them, who will not be interested in a girl just because he finds her height intimidating. And that isn’t wrong, necessarily. It’s just a fact. I prefer guys who are taller than I am, and I tend to not be attracted to shorter guys. It’s just the way most of us are. BUT, for those of us girls who are taller, and who find it difficult to find guys who are either taller than we are, or aren’t too intimidated to get to know us, we get very self-conscious of our height. Just as short guys do about theirs, oftentimes. And this post is merely to encourage those tall ladies. 🙂


Tell me what you thought!

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