The Return Of Square One

Well, last night my store manager pulled me aside and told me that due to really bad sales, he’s having to cut a lot of people, and I am one of those people. So, I got laid off. No more employment for this girl. I’m not really all that upset, but I am definitely in need of a job now. I’ve got a potential lead for a one week nannying job that should pay pretty well, but that’s just one week. Gonna start putting in applications asap!

One the plus-side, my boss was actually really sad to loose me, it was a very good interaction. I know he will provide a very positive reference for any other potential employers.

All of this makes me extremely happy that even though I am almost 20 years old, I am still living at home with my folks! I have a few bills (insurance, cell phone, etc.) and I pay for my own fuel and such, but really, I can survive on what’s in my bank account for a while as long as I don’t do anything financially stupid. (Which I am usually pretty good at avoiding.) God is good.

I wanted to thank the people who’ve been commenting on my blogs as of late! Getting comments really means a lot to me! It’s good to get some feedback! FYI, even if you don’t have a WordPress account and just follow by email, you can still comment without revealing your real name, if you so desire.

Thanks for reading!



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