I’m Baaaccckkk

Been back for a while actually, (two whole days!) so I figured I better tell y’all (I’m from the South, okay?) how it went!

The trip was awesome. Crazy, but awesome. We took three cars, and had walkie talkies in each car so we could play games and talk between the cars. Which made it super fun. When we arrived at the Church we were touched to find out that they had planned a party after the service for us with pizza and soda. Upon finding out that I and another girl were gluten-free, they sent someone out to pick up salads for us both. While we all ate, the pastors wife and the church secretary sat down with us and we had an amazing talk. Lots of tears were shed, and we made some amazing new friends. All in all, the trip was a huge blessing.
Oh, the group I went with was a total of 12 people, 6 girls and 6 guys! (How it ended up even like that I do not know.)

The day after, I went to my first day of VBS! It went really well, I’m the helper in the third “Crew” of second graders. Second grade has a total of 7 crews, which means we have about 70-80 second graders. (Did you say yikes? You should.)

That night, I went to Bible study, which was outstanding. I actually got involved in the discussion for the first time. Mainly because I disagreed with the group leader about something I am passionate about, but it was a great lesson, and I learned a lot.

Today, after a fabulous morning at VBS, I went to my job interview (which is at the second campus of the same church the VBS is at) and it went extremely well. The two ladies I interviewed with are such sweet, Godly women. They said they will call me sometime next week and let me know.
Just fyi, in case I didn’t mention it, the job is at the Church’s Day Care/Academy, I would basically be a care-taker/teacher for them.

I’m fairly amazed that it’s only Tuesday. I am wiped out. It’s been such a great week already and I’m hoping it will continue on that route.

Anyway, there is your update! More to come later!



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