Jesus Time!

On the road to Asheville

On the road to Asheville

Meant to post the above picture before but hadn’t bluetoothed it from my phone yet! So there ya go!

Today was so great. Three girls at my VBS have taken a special liking to me, they insist on holding my hand wherever we go and sitting on my lap or next to me. They are super cute. Here’s a snippet from a conversation we had today:

“How old are you?”
me: “I’ll be 20 next month.”
“So you’re 19?! Wow. Are you married yet?”
“Nope, not yet.”
“Then who do you live with?!”
“My parents!”
“But, you could’ve moved out when you were 18! Do you at least have a boyfriend yet?!”
“Why don’t you have a boyfriend! You have to have someone to marry so you won’t live with your parents forever!”

At this point I just started laughing and then they all began to tickle me.
This is what happens when I somehow get unofficially promoted from “helper” to “Leader” and have to keep track of 10 kids.

Later on during music, they shoved me on stage and made me dance. I did alright considering I haven’t been practicing the moves to these songs at all, but of course they told me I was terrible and they can do it way better. haha

Music time at VBS

Music time at VBS

After VBS today, I had to make a trip to get gas and go to walmart to get supplies from my Operation Christmas Child box which my kids made me promise to bring tomorrow. As I pulled in to the gas station, I saw a couple in the walmart parking lot with a sign that read “Stranded: Need Gas Money”. Now, I’m a fairly skeptical person, and I never give cash to people by the side of the road with signs. I just have all these visions of them going down the road to a bar and blowing it all. But today, the moment I saw them, it was like God just said “Help these people.” So I ran across the street and told them to meet me at the Garden center entrance. After I got gas, I drove down there, got them each a drink and enough money for a tank of gas. When I went up to talk to them I gave them the list of Bible Verses from my VBS and told them that I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but today God told me to, and not to thank me but to know that it’s all because of Jesus. The husband was extremely thankful and said that he is saved and knows Jesus as his personal Savior, and thanked me for sharing with him.

Now, I can’t know for certain that he was being honest, or what they will end up doing with the money I gave them. But the point is that they were shown kindness and were told about Jesus, and beyond that, God is in control. All that matters is that I do what I was told. And I have to say, an experience like that was well worth it.

Disclaimer: We live in a dangerous, sin infected world. Never should a single woman pick up male hitch hikers, or stop and give money to men standing by the road. It is not safe. If you have a man with you, that is one thing, but please, be smart and don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation. If you ever feel particularly called to do so, please pray about it before hand and ask God to show you what you can do for that person without putting yourself in harms way.

Until next time!



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