First Impressions

Last night I went out with about 20 friends to the Ale House, had a really good time. Very different for me, never been out with friends and had some of those friends drinking beer. Now, the few that did were plenty old enough, and they did so in careful moderation. But it was still a weird feeling for me.

Also, one of my friends tried to set me up with a guy she knows. When I wouldn’t get up and go sit next to him, she got him to come sit next to me. We got along fairly well, talking about Doctor Who and our theories about who the next Doctor will be. But then another person at the table brought up relationships, dating and marriage and this guy asked me my opinion.

In case you didn’t know my opinion, this is it: My philosophy is that, ideally, I want to be friends with a guy for a while before there’s any pressure of a “relationship”, really know one another on a personal level. And only start a relationship after we already know that we get along well, that our standards and beliefs agree and align with Scripture, and that we are entering into a relationship with the intention of marriage. If a guy is going to ask me out, I want him to get my fathers permission. And during our courtship relationship, we would spend about 70% of our time either with his family or my own. Limited time alone, due to the temptation that comes with alone time.

This guy literally looked me straight in the eye and said to me, “I don’t want to offend you, but that’s a very close-minded Christian opinion.” That courtship is just a list of rules that will keep me from ever being in any kind of relationship, and that a guy shouldn’t have to go to my father just to ask me out. Now, despite our disagreeing view points, we had a very interesting discussion. Never argued or anything. But still, to sit there and tell someone you’ve known for 10 minutes that their opinion is close-minded is pretty harsh. There are so many other less blunt ways to express disagreement with someone.

So, it was a good experience, but, fellas, if ever you’re meeting a girl for the first time and she says something you disagree with, don’t tell her she’s close-minded and will never be in a relationship. Yeah. That doesn’t really leave her with a great first impression.

*sighs* Crazy night.



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