Merely Human

Recently, in my “C.S. Lewis Bible” (A NRSV Bible with C.S. Lewis quotes throughout.) I’ve found several quotes of his that are, surprisingly, blatantly wrong. As in opinions of his that are not scriptural and actually a bit misleading. This sort of hurt my feelings, having such respect for him. I’m not going to post those quotes here, I’m posting this just to remind us all that you should never blindly follow the teachings of a mere man. C.S. Lewis, though an amazingly brilliant, wise man, was still human. Still fallible, still very capable of having wrong ideas about God and scripture. Always take what any teacher, pastor, youth leader, etc, says and examine it against scripture. If it doesn’t match, through it out. Stay in His Word, and you won’t get lost along the way.


Tell me what you thought!

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