Do I Believe?

The moment one asks oneself “Do I believe?” all belief seems to go. I think this is because one is trying to turn round and look at something which is there to be used and work from–trying to take out one’s eyes instead of keeping them in the right place and seeing with them. I find that it happens about other matters as well as faith. In my experience only very robust pleasures will stand the question, “Am I really enjoying this?” Or attention–the moment I begin thinking about my attention (to a book or a lecture) I have ispso facto ceased attending. St. Paul speaks of “Faith actualized in Love.” And “the heart is deceitful”: you know better than I how very unreliable introspection is. I should be much more alarmed about your progress if you wrote claiming to be overflowing with Faith, Hope and Charity.


~C.S. Lewis, from a letter to Mrs. Lockley, September 27, 1949

For reflection on Jeremiah 17:9


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