I’m Twenteen!

Okaayy, fine, I’m twenty years old today. Not “twenteen”. But you have to admit that’s a fun nonexistent number!

Had a pretty cool last day of 19 yesterday. The girls in my college & career group were up in Asheville again, so when I went to Sunday’s life group meeting and then to the Church service, I was one of only two girls. Afterwards we were all quite hungry, so we made plans to go get lunch. The other girl decided she was going home, so I ended up going out to lunch and then to get frozen yogurt with a group of four guys. It was a blast. I found it really encouraging to just sit and listen to these guys talk about Jesus and the sermon and their Bible reading and what God is doing in their lives. (And also about Nascar, I promise they are real human males.)  One of them talked me into trying a bite of his sushi, and it was actually really good!

They were all very sweet and respectful and seemed glad to have me there, occasionally pulling me into the conversation, since I have a tendency to just listen and observe without contributing.

What blows me away the most is how far God’s brought me in this last year. This time last year I would never have felt able to go out with a group of four guys as the only girl (Or as one of the guys said, “I’m glad you came with us, even though you’re the only lady.”). And certainly wouldn’t have felt comfortable while I was there. We got out of Church at 12pm and didn’t leave the Frozen Yogurt place till 2:30pm. That’s a pretty big accomplishment for me.

Also, this morning I found out that one of my best friends got engaged (FINALLY) to her boyfriend of just over a year. I’m especially amused because two days ago I went to her apartment to deliver her birthday present (Her’s is the day before mine, she’s nine years older than me), which was a travel coffee mug with pictures of her and her boyfriend on it. He was there helping her clean up so she can move to her new apartment. When he saw the mug he said “Well, what am I supposed to get her now?! I have to take my thermos back!” And all that time he was planning to propose. Too cute.

Gah, I love cute couples.

Anyway, today I’m going to take some carrot cake cupcakes (Gluten-free!) with me to my Bible study, and in about an hour or so I’m going to the gym.

On your birthday?! 

Yes, actually. I like exercise and healthiness, okay? Don’t judge me.


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