Buried Alive

So very sorry for going so long without posting. A lot has happened in my life lately. I feel weighted down by much of it.

Basically, don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here, but my mom is very sick. And lately she’s been getting worse. We’re praying her through, but so far God has not been changing her circumstance for the better.

Also, the job I’ve mentioned that I really love, working great full time hours with one year olds? Due to some extreme dishonesty and poor work ethic of my bosses, they fired me. After working there just over three weeks. I pointed out their shortcomings to them, and they did not like that, so they just got rid of me. Not really sure what to do now, where to look for my next job, but I’m hoping God will provide another on the same field. I really enjoyed that.

So, right now I’m just enjoying my Labor Day weekend, and I hope you’re doing the same! I will post more some other time, I have a few quotes saved up for you!

Until next time!



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