I’m Looking For Someone To Share In An Adventure

This quote is the reason that, in my search to find a journal that I could write letters to my future husband in, I chose this:


The first page has the quote written out in my sort of neat, sort of messy handwriting. Because really, I am almost 100% certain that my future husband will be a Tolkien fan (or at the very least will become one, I’m flexible, haha), because he really couldn’t understand me if he wasn’t. He will have to be an avid reader and appreciate the beauty of literature and the complexity of it. I could not imagine marrying a man who doesn’t love to read… Rather, I want to marry the kind of man who will laugh out loud while reading and insist on reading me the quote that amused him.

Why am I thinking so much about this right now? Well, I’m reading an AMAZING book titled “The Sacred Search” by Gary Thomas, which has already encouraged me greatly even though I’m only half way through. Honestly, I could sit here for hours and explain to you all the things I’m learning from this book, all the ways it has encouraged me, and how BADLY I want you to read it. But, I will just give you two little tiny snippets from it here.

First, what if it’s not about who you marry, but why?

Second, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

Right now, God has finally given me some direction in my life. Or, I should probably say, I finally stopped being so thick headed and saw what He has been trying to show me all this time. He’s beginning to help me understand, and learn how to practice the art of seeking Him out, and how to balance that with the search for a sole mate. (I didn’t misspell that, I am well aware I said “sole” rather than “soul”. Read the book to better understand why I chose to use that word specifically.)

Guys, God is working in my life and I am SO EXCITED.

Anyway, read the book! And have a fantastic day!



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