Fish In The Sea

Out there, somewhere, is a man who will think I am fantastic, spectacular, one of a kind, the only one for him, the best choice, the crowning jewel. A man who will do anything in his power to win my heart, to protect and respect and cherish me.

I refuse to “make the first move”, to chase after a guy who doesn’t know my worth. God will bring into my life a man who comes after me, who pursues me and leads me even closer to Christ by showing Christlike love and leadership. He’s out there. I’ve just got to be patient and keep my eyes open.


2 thoughts on “Fish In The Sea

    • That isn’t a scriptural principle, to take credit for “helping yourself” denies God’s hand in the good that happens in life. We can do nothing apart from God. (John 15:5)
      However, that isn’t to say we shouldn’t actively seek out and have our eyes open to finding a partner, we just have to know that we require God’s divine hand in our selection if we want to have His best for us. We must seek out Him and His will with every step we take in finding a partner. 🙂
      Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it!

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