Adult Life is a Bear

It’s been… a while. Since I’ve had a job, I mean. I’ve applied to a lot of places, and tried to follow up on the applications as best I can. So far the only possible lead I’ve gotten is from the manager of Petsmart, who I know somewhat. I’m hoping that will work out, since I know the products well there and can actively offer advice and assistance to customers. I’ve had a lot of pets in my short 20 years of life.

Due to my joblessness, I’m becoming increasingly broke. Especially since I just paid $1,330  for my one college class, “Old Testament Survey”, and $84 for my books. I’ll be getting $500 back from financial aid, but even so, when you have no source of income, it starts to get a bit… Depressing. Stressful.

Yes, I live with my folks, so I don’t have rent, food, water, etc costs. But I do pay insurance on my car, my cell phone bill, and my fuel. Also, today I just found out that if I don’t get my tire alignment fixed, I’m going to have to replace one of my tires.

Due to the stress and hormones, I’m breaking out like crazy… Which of course is making me a bit self-conscious and so far nothing I’ve done to help it has made much of a difference. (Funny enough, the friends I’ve mentioned it to can barely tell apparently, but it still bothers me.) I never broke out this badly even when I was going through puberty for crying out loud… Why now?

Trying to manage the funk I’ve been in because of the above things, I’ve been spending a lot of extra time in my Bible and taking walks in the cool Fall weather, which is good.

I know God will get me through this. I will find a job, rebuild my savings bit-by-bit. Thankfully the holiday season is coming, so seasonal hiring is going on. I’ve just got to press  on and keep hunting.

Whew… I’ll be glad when I’m done with the hunting part. 😛




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