Coming Soon: New Furry Friend!

So, hopefully either late this month or early December, I will be bringing home a new little friend!

Me working at Petsmart is a bit like a shopaholic working at a clothing store. I want to take everything home. At Petsmart, if any of our animals get sick, we take them to a vet and nurse them back to health. Lots of TLC! Currently we have a guinea pig (who I have named Teo) that had a bad case of ringworm and an upper-resperatory infection. He had his most recent vet check-up the day before yesterday and the vet told me that while he is still contagious and not ready to come home with me, he is improving well and his skin is healing up wonderfully! So, while I wait for him to be ready to come home, I have been researching guinea pigs and preparing his new house. I’m going to wait for our black Friday sale to get his cage. 🙂 Super excited!

Pictures will be posted as soon as I get enough free time while at work to actually take one. haha!




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