Good Shtuff

Happy Almost Thanksgiving, guys and gals!

I have been so busy lately that it feels as though time is flying by. But, I am loving my job, it is the perfect fit for me. I look forward to getting there and being able to take quality care of the the little creatures we have. Also, I have decided that I won’t be getting a guinea pig… I’ll be getting TWO guinea pigs. They are social creatures and I’m worried about the one getting lonely when I’m not around. Plus, the cage I’ve decided on is plenty large enough for two to live out their lives happily. Teo, one of the two guineas, is likely to be released from the Quiet Room (aka, the place where we keep any sick animals while we treat them. A quiet, low stress environment) shortly. He’s just finishing up what will hopefully be his last week of meds, and then he’s in the clear! I can tell that he’s gotten bored, as we don’t give toys to the ill animals so as to minimize the spread of germs and keep them calm and restful while they recover. I’m excited to bring him to a fun, interactive home. He gets happy and chirps at me whenever I take him out to give him his meds. (Which are in cherry pulp, he thinks it’s a treat!)

Also, on a totally different note, I have been able to share my faith at length both with coworkers and with a few customers in the short 3 ½ weeks or so that I have been working here! So thrilled. It’s obvious to me that God has put me right where I am meant to be. And that is an awesome feeling.

Anyway, there is a short update for you!

For those Black Friday shoppers, please don’t get trampled.. It’s not worth the savings if you’re dead.





2 thoughts on “Good Shtuff

  1. You have such a wonderful conversational writing style. I feel like we just talked on the phone 🙂 Congrats on the guinea pigs, hope they aren’t stinky like ferrets (we had 3 for years!) Be your sweet self and I KNOW people will get to see a glimpse of God for real.

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