Guinea Piggies

Click here to see the most recent pictures of my little guineas! It’s the link to my instagram, if you don’t have an account it may not show you, so in that case just scroll down and look to your right, the four most recent pictures will be in the “Instagirl” section to the side of my page.

Yesterday I gave Teo (the brown one) a bath with special guinea pig shampoo. He had been receiving topical treatment for ringworm, the fur in those areas was oily and course due to the residue from the meds. Now he is soft and fluffy and slightly baby powder scented. Pippin (the black & white one) wasn’t dirty and thus was not subjected to a bath. Currently they are relaxing in a freshly cleaned cage. Their cage is 43″ long by 18″ (I think, it may be more than 18″) and they are loving the room. They often run laps in the early evening, which is pretty amusing.

Black Friday at Petsmart wasn’t as crazy as I was expecting, but it was definitely busy. We get holiday pay for that day, which is time and a half, so that’s a nice plus.

Anyway, that is my update. I’m going to go do homework now. Yayyy.



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