The After-Trip Blues

I returned from a four day ski trip to WinterPlace Ski Resort in West Virginia today. I only skied once, and I did so very, very badly. So, in light of the daily high of 7 degrees (low of -4) I mostly stayed indoors and enjoyed the blizzardy weather through our cabins picture window, and played cards until fairly late in the evening with the group. Fourteen people went, 4 girls and 10 guys, it was a fun adventure. Our cabin was literally right on one of the ski slopes, really neat. (Pictures to come later. Also, if you’re wondering, the guys slept in the basement and on the couches, and the girls had the whole upstairs to themselves.)

But, now I’m home. Back to having a very sick mother who is always coughing and in pain. Back to laundry, unpacking, a room that needs cleaned, and the occasional frustrated argument with parents over dumb stuff. It’s a bit depressing, honestly… Having had four days of positive, adventurous, goofy people as my constant company, returning to “real life” is kinda like getting an ice-cream cone knocked out of your hand before you’ve gotten to taste it. (Which is pretty much the saddest thing ever to happen, no matter your age.)

Anyway, it’s just rough to come home to. Plus, I miss the snow.



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