We All Have Our Vices

I am one of the (many) girls who has random and very sudden attacks of the “why am I single, does no one want me” blues. Been suffering from that for a few days now. So naturally I did the most logical thing you can do when in this situation…

I did my nails. (with awesome nail wraps that I got from my manager whom I work with. Check out her stuff: Here)

Then I waxed my legs. With a kit that costs $8… I do not recommend this at all. Please don’t. If you want your legs waxed just pay to have it done, it’s a lot less… awful.

Then I used the same nail wraps to do my toes.

I went shopping, but I didn’t buy anything! Except Annie’s gluten free Alfredo mix!

And lastly, I watched “Frozen”, because Olaf makes me happy.

For some reason, making myself feel more girly and pretty makes me feel better.

Oddly enough, I did actually almost get asked out while at work the other day, but when I told the guy I was looking for someone who would lead me closer to Christ, he gracefully bowed out and left.

Also, I wore one of my Doctor Who shirts to pick up a print order I had at Staples and it started a very fun conversation with a very nice, pretty attractive guy who works there. Though he was quite possibly a bit older than me. And I think he thought I was weird. I was picking up a gerbil poster. Apparently girls who have gerbils are weird. I dunno. Whatever.

As semi-encouraging as those kind of things are, it’s not just my ability to attract a guy that gets me down. It’s the extreme shortage of guys worth attracting that sits in the back of my head and festers. How do you even find one? And if you do, what if he doesn’t even like you back?

I don’t know. But that’s where I am currently. And I have pretty nails to prove it.


4 thoughts on “We All Have Our Vices

  1. love you girl, I feel like I am looking at a diary entry of myself 20 years ago (how the frell did i get so old). Hang in there, and it is awesome to take care of yourself and just keep putting yourself out there. I am praying for you so much!

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