Despite my title sounding like I’m making fun of myself for being awkward around someone attractive, I’m actually just excited about a razor I just bought.

I’m going to my cousin’s wedding in a week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Three of the four days I’m spending there I will be wearing a knee length or slightly longer dress, and I’ll probably wear shorts the rest of the time, so I decided to buy myself a new, travel sized razor to help me maintain the smoothness while I’m travelin’.

I have SUPER light, sensitive skin. My Dad refers to it as “creamy” skin. Kinda like whole milk I guess. With freckles. But, anyway, usually when I shave I get really bad razor bumps which sometimes escalate and become irritated, itchy sores on my legs. Sound icky? Yeaahh. So I went to Target after work a few days ago to try and find a solution for this, and allow for smooth, soft, unmarred skin.

Here is the list of the items I purchased.

Gilette Venus "Snap" Razor

Gillette Venus “Snap” Razor


Gilette Venus "Embrace" Sensitive

Gillette Venus “Embrace” Sensitive

Gilette Venus "Olay" Satin Care (The photo is of the regular, but I purchased the Sensitive Skin one)

Gillette Venus “Olay” Satin Care (The photo is of the regular, but I purchased the Sensitive Skin one)

Pretty sure I just had the best shave of my life. The tiny handle takes getting used to, but it allowed me to easily get areas around my knee and ankle that I usually miss and/or nick and cut. This time no razor bumps, no cuts.

I’ve used other Gillette razor heads, even others with five blades, but this Embrace Sensitive one really did make a difference. Usually the moment I finish shaving my legs already have angry looking bumps and several burning cuts, but not this time!

The shaving cream has done the best job so far of keeping my legs from drying out. I can’t do the stronger smelling ones, but this one is very light and goes on smoothly. It is blue, which is odd since the bottle was gold. It kinda startled me when I put some in my hand. BLUUUUEEEE. Like, smashed up smurf blue. Now, I still have to use lotion right afterward, but that’s something you should always do, you just ran a razor blade along the surface of your skin, give it some moisture for heavens sake.

Gillette’s produces are a bit pricy, but they are quality and last a long time. I replace heads about every two weeks. (Bear in mind that I usually shave my legs once a week, armpits every day. It’s not that they get dull, but that they get skin cells between the blades, which keeps them from gliding properly. I think if I had a better way to clean it, it would last longer.)

Bonus Tip:

I’ve learned that you must always use warm water to shave. Never hot, never cold. Cold water gives you goose bumps, shaving over those gives you EXTREME razor bumps, plus you often cut off some of the bumps (ouch!) and though you do get a very close shave, you will end up with ingrown hair. Hot water dries your skin out even more, and you may end up scratching until you cause nail marks. Warm water and good, all natural moisturizer for dry skin!


Anyway, I enjoyed these products a lot and thought I would share. 🙂 Have a smooth Mother’s Day! Haha




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