Infinitely Valuable

God has given you a gift of infinite value because he see’s you as infinitely valuable. Have you ever thought about that? I have in the past I think, but just recently in my studies and in church this morning it’s become poignant to me (I just had to look up “poignant” to make sure it actually meant what I thought it did).

The song in my previous post speaks that truth very clearly as well. God see’s incredible value in each of our lives, individually.

The sermon today was on loneliness– which was pretty neat, considering loneliness was what drove me to go to church in the first place. I’ve been feeling the need to get involved in a church family and allow myself to be used. And today was the first church I had on my list to attend. I actually only live about 4 minutes away from it, and I used to go to VBS there when I was little.  The pastor talked about how one of the first steps to overcoming loneliness is to love yourself. See yourself as God sees you. If you feel like you are nothing special, and have nothing to offer, you won’t offer yourself– you friendship– to others, and thus will always be lonely. This is a message I feel like God has been drilling into my thick skull for literally years. You cannot just sit and wait for people to come to you, you have to go out there and seek to be a friend in order to find respite from loneliness. (Looked up respite too. It’s like, I know I have good vocabulary, but I always forget if I’m right about what a word means. 😛 ) One of my best friends gave me some great advice when it came to finding a church to regularly attend. He said to look for a place where you can serve, not a place just to be served. Serving is so much more fulfilling than being served. Of course, this is just my first Sunday at this church, but I came away with a good first impression, and I’m intending on trying it again next week. 🙂 Hoping to be just as pleased then as well. ^_^


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