As I think I’ve mentioned before,  my mom is very ill. 24/7 oxygen, confined to the house ill. And she never feels well, even on her best days. As with any of us, it’s easy to get grumpy and short tempered when you don’t feel well. Especially when you haven’t felt well for more than two years.
Also, when you’re short on sleep (me) or just worked a long hard day (both dad and I), it’s easy to be grumpy as well. I feel like the trend in my house lately is grumpy and short tempered. And it’s so hard for any of us to be the only one in a good mood, the majority usually wins, even if the majority is on the grumpy side.
I’m very worn out. Often times suffering from headaches, stress related stomach pain and other things. And I’m sure my family is too. Anyway, that being said, please pray for my family and I. We need it.


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