An Hour of Prayer

To my dear followers, my father has asked me to share this with people I know, and though I don’t know you personally, I think there are a lot of you who have hearts for God and would be willing to participate. The following is a letter from my father to you.


An hour of Prayer for Liz

Please read on, I am only asking for 1 hour of your time. 28 years ago I met a cute young girl at a church skating night at a local rink in St. Petersburg Florida and the adventure of a lifetime together began. Three years later we were married and on December 30, 2014 we will have our 25th wedding anniversary. And I hope there will be many more to follow. But how many more depends on the grace of our Heavenly Father.

A short time back, after several years of symptoms and a number of Doctors, Liz was finally diagnosed with an unusual disease that effects different people to varying degrees. Polymiositis is a condition where the bodies immune system attacks the muscles and lungs, destroying muscle tissue and the lungs ability to absorb oxygen. Unfortunately for her hers has been a severe case, she has gone from a very fit, capable and strong woman to house bound in less than two years and is now fully dependent on an Oxygen generator, not having had the strength to leave the house in almost two months.

Medical science offers no cure for this disease. We have prayed as a family and fully understand that sometimes the answer is no but we refuse to give up and know that the more grave Liz’s situation the greater the glory to God in her healing.

God is able to perform miracles. There are so many recorded in both the old and new testaments and God is unchanging. A storm was calmed, multitudes fed, diseases healed and even some raised from the dead. in the new testament as well as the old. God has not lost His power or His desire to help His children. What He did in those days He is fully able to do today but we often fail to ask. Help me to ask, let our combined mustard seeds of faith be an offering pleasing to our God.

I am asking for your prayers, united prayers for Liz’s healing on a specific date and time. Selfishly because I want her around for many years to come, but also and more importantly to glorify God.

To that end I ask you to set aside one hour on Sunday November 9, 2014 to pray for Liz. From 2pm to 3pm on that day (eastern standard time) please unite with us and pray for her healing. Not a remission of or reduction in symptoms, but a complete healing and restoration to health. We pray in belief that she can be healed for His glory.

Let your voice be heard in heaven. Purify your heart by asking forgiveness for your sin, forgive those against whom you might have a grudge, fast as you feel led in preparation for this hour of disciplined prayer and join our family as we pray for Liz’s healing.

Thanks for even taking the time to read this and please join us if you feel the Holy Spirit lead you to do so.

Rob P.

Please pass this on among believing friends and family so we can involve as many as possible.


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