Wife Bootcamp

It’s all about perspective.

Due to the massive amount of stress I’ve been under, I have roughly one emotional meltdown every 48-74 hours. Today it was shortly after arriving home from work to find what honestly looked like the destruction of a small tornado. My mom had had a very rough day physically, so any mess made by her during the six hours I had been gone was strewn all over the kitchen. Dishes I hadn’t had time to do before work and dishes from her lunch and snacks throughout the day were literally overflowing the sink and covering most of the counter. As I prepared dinner a pizza fell apart and scattered crumbs over the stove, floor and counter, and I looked around and just lost it. I’ve been having really bad back/shoulder pain lately and spend most of my six hour work day doing out-of-dates on dog food. So lots of lifting heavy things and squating down and wearing out my already sore back.

Dishes and crumbs aren’t worth crying over, you say? No. They aren’t. But it wasn’t the dishes or the thought of having to do them that sent me over the edge. It’s the reason why. It’s the constant reminder than my mom is very ill. The nagging worry that she may not be at my wedding or get to see her grandchildren. I can handle the work, it’s the reminder of why it’s needed that breaks me.

That being said, I’ve decided to pretend this is wife bootcamp! By the time I’m actually married, I’ll have this dishes, laundry, house cleaning and dinner making thing down pat! ^_^ And when I transform my perspective on the work, it really can become fun (about 70% of the time, at least).


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