Exciting News!

Awesome, fantastic news! My mom went to the doctor day before yesterday and had blood work done. Her stats used to be really bad, but now her  inflammation levels are completely normal – they went from outrageous and risky of 8000 (CPK level) to 60, well below the normal range of 300! She still has damaged lungs and a heart that is working overtime to pump blood into her lungs — and we are addressing that right now with the cardiologist, but FINALLY some good news! We are so encouraged and uplifted by this.

Also, I’m taking steps to acquire a scholarship and take a couple more online classes, make at least a little bit of progress earning college credits. Probably two classes. Filled out the application today. So that’s exciting as well. 🙂 Praying that I get one of the two larger scholarships, but even the smallest one would be a great start. So to those of my praying followers, here are the following prayer requests:

Continued healing for my mom.
Scholarship contest– God blesses me with a decent sized one.
Financial Aid–that I get enough to be worth something.

Anyway, thats the update for today! Super thrilled by the turn of events today. 🙂


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