An update on my family, particularly my mom.

As I said in my last post, after Sunday’s hour of prayer we found out that her CPK (inflammation) levels are totally normal, even better than your average healthy person, so that is a huge blessing. However, her heart is enlarged due to the strain to push blood through damaged lungs.

Last night she was feeling extremely short of breath, dizzy and weak, and this morning she made the decision to call an ambulance and go to the ER. They’ve run a couple of tests and found that she has a small blood clot in her lungs and fluid on her heart. They’re going to drain the fluid today (you have to be put under for this, but it’s just a large needle, no real “surgery”), and she will most likely be staying in the hospital for the weekend. So please keep her in your prayers.

Currently my truck is having weird electrical issues, and we have only one car. I’ve recently rearranged my schedule at work to be home for Mom, so I lost a lot of hours already and am going to have to procure rides to work this weekend. Thankfully I have some awesome coworkers and managers who are helping me anyway they can from covering my shifts to giving me rides! Such a blessing.

Anyway, at the moment I’m feeling kind of stressed and overwhelmed, so please keep my family and I in your prayers. We really appreciate you all.


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