The Full-time Life

Can’t believe three weeks have passed. Flew by in what felt like seconds. Today I received my first paycheck of my new job. Totally blown away, so excited to be getting decent pay. I’m going to be able to put so much away in savings and be more generous than I could before, and that makes me really happy.
I’m almost to the point now where I can do a basic eye exam on my own. Just the basics, vision check, pupil check, muscle balance and putting drops in people’s eyes. Can’t refract (determine  a glasses prescription) or check eye pressure  (to screen for glaucoma) yet, but I’m learning! Very pleased with myself. At the beginning of all this I was starting to wonder if I’d gotten in over my head a bit.
Less important news, I got a new phone. It’s one of those ridiculously huge, cannot fit in a normal sized pocket phones. Something I said I’d never do, but here I am typing on it and enjoying all the space my thumbs have to roam. Haha. It’s pretty cool though. I got it because my old phone was cracked and I was worried it would stop working soon, so I decided to replace before it died.
Anyway, I’m super exhausted today, 8 hours  spent learning, feeling constantly pushed beyond my limits and examining patients really wears me out. I haven’t exercised at all this week. I feel so lazy. Got to get back into the gym…
So, that’s my update! Nothing big, but hopefully some of you find my life at least somewhat interesting. I’m assuming you must or you wouldn’t follow my blog. ^_^

Until next time!


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