Week 4 of Ophthalmic Bootcamp!

Well, I’ve survived a whole month at my new job! Loving all the new skills I’m gaining, the people I’m getting to meet, it’s still very intimidating at times, but totally worth it.

At this point I can do everything in the basic exam except checking eye pressure (tonometry), but I’m fairly certain I’ll be learning that in the coming week.

I’ve never been at a job for a month and still felt so very outside of my comfort zone. The (self inflicted) stress that it’s put on my body has definitely taken it’s tole already. My motivation for non-work related activities is suffering. This week, however, I managed to get revved up enough to work out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Which definitely helps relieve pent up stress and anxiety. I need to remember that next time I’m feeling mentally exhausted.

Beyond that, nothing terribly exciting is going on. I’ve been too tired to do much. It’s kind of ironic, 80 hours in a pay period, making decent money, but no time to spend any of it except on gas to get back to work! Haha. Oh, and paying for a new alternator for my needy little brat of a vehicle.

It’s been rainy all weekend, which always calms my mind. I went walking on our local dam, it’s about 2 miles each way, and the light drizzle was so refreshing. Going to miss that cool breeze when Summer shows up.

I found this picture on Old Fashion’s Facebook page and it made me happy, so I decided to stick it here so you too could enjoy it. ^_^

That’s it for now, TTFN!


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