Goal !


My healthy journey has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From being over 200 pounds back in 2009 while my Dad was in Iraq, going through a gluten allergy and becoming a gym rat, I’ve come a long way. In January of this year I weighed in a 185lbs. Not happy with that at all, I decided to devote myself to drinking more water, exercising at least 3 days a week, and eating correctly. Both getting enough calories and the right kind of calories. I purchased a Fitbit ChargeHR, which has helped me SO much to gauge how much I need to be eating, and how my exercise effects my calorie intake.

Yesterday, my dad and I got a new scale (our old one broke), we split the cost of Fitbit’s Aria Wi-fi Smart scale. It measures BMI and body fat percentage as well as weight, and uploads your weight progress to your fitbit dashboard automatically whenever you weight yourself. And today I finally met my weight goal! Officially within the “healthy” fat % and BMI range at 167lbs!

So pleased with my progress. Exercise wise, I only do about 15-25 minutes of cardio (Usually elliptical, arc trainer or stair climber), and then about 25-30 minutes of weight lifting and calisthenics (Such as assisted pull-ups, dips, squats, incline crunches, bicep curls, and other various leg, back, and ab exercises). Doing hours of cardio is not the answer, ladies. Just FYI. Building muscle is the key. Muscle will literally burn fat for you while you sleep. It raises your metabolism, allowing you to eat more and burn more calories just by existing. And unless you’re taking steroids, it will not make you look bulky or manly, I promise. I do a lot of different kind of incline crunches and ab work, building my core up, and it’s helped define my waistline a lot! I’m very happy with it. 🙂

Anyway, my next step is to continue to lean out more, tone up my thighs and arms a bit, and continue to get stronger. My goal is to be able to do 2-5 pull-ups with no assistance. Currently I use about 85lbs of assistance, so lifting just under half my body weight. Working up slowly to more weight.

My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I want to be healthy, strong, and capable of whatever task He sets before me. Because he doesn’t always move the mountains that stand in your way, sometimes He wants you to climb them.

Until next time!!



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