I learned a thing!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been trying to figure out one thing, one very simple thing that everyone else seemed to know about themselves, but I didn’t know about me….

What color are my eyes?

When I wear red or blue, they look blue and gold. When I wear green, they look green and brown (aka, hazel). With every different color I wear, they look totally different. They’re not hazel (brown & green) or green, because they have blue in them. They’re not blue, because they have hints of green and a good bit of gold in them….

If you’re sitting there thinking “Yeah, so? Big deal.” You obviously don’t understand my struggle. I had the hardest time filling out my drivers license application… “Eye Color:________” I DON’T BLOOMING KNOW. (I picked blue.)

Now, as an Ophthalmic Technician, I see A LOT of eyes. This has made me every more annoyed with my own eye color. I see people with BLUE eyes. Different shades, darker in the middle and lighter on the edges, but just BLUE. Or just GREEN, or just BROWN. But then I started to see this:

Sectoral Heterochromia

Sectoral Heterochromia

Sectoral Heterochromia is when a section of the iris is a different color from the remaining part of the iris. And it’s pretty stinking cool. But it’s not what I have. So I continued my search until I finally discovered it.

The great mystery of why my eyes are so hard to categorize…

Central Heterochromia

Central Heterochromia

Central Heterochromia

Central Heterochromia

Central Heterochromia

Central Heterochromia

Central Heterochromia. Different colors, focused in individual rings centered around the pupil.

I don’t have an eye color. I have three. And what they look like depends on which color stands out against what I’m wearing.


Happy Independence Day, and enjoy this new random fact I have bestowed upon you.

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