Natural Beauty Tips with Moriah


In the previous post, I described how crazy my life has been lately.

Little did I know that all that stress was culminating into a hair catastrophe! Shortly before officially getting settled into my new living situation, I began having waxiness in my hair. Day one, I assumed I had forgotten to shampoo my hair the night before (this happens when I’m super busy). Day two, I scrubbed and shampooed throughly. And the next morning, even more waxy than before! So, I called my hair stylist. She’s been cutting my hair since I was like 10 years old. She told me to try baking soda.

DO NOT USE BAKING SODA. So many tangles. So many. So, after frustratedly searching the internet, I found a blog talking about how to use Apple Cider Vinegar to cleanse hair, and how it balances the oil production. So, I tried it.

Oh my gosh, guys. My hair feels like it came straight off the head of a newborn baby angel. (And I never exaggerate. Ever.) I have now been using baking soda in my face wash, which is helping a lot with the redness, and using AVC as a toner on my face as well. (You do need to rinse it after it dries, though. Unlike store bought toners.)

I’m told you can overuse ACV in your hair. So I’m going to try every other day, and see if that keeps the waxiness at bay. We shall see. I like the fresh, clean feeling it has been giving me. I used to get build up on my scalp a lot too, but that seems to be almost completely gone as well! YAY ACV!!!

Give it a try, and comment below with your results! Remember to dilute it, straight AVC is very acidic. 🙂

Also, if you have any *ah-hem* shall we say, lady issues with yeast (sorry, guys..) AVC (again, diluted) kills candida, which is the primary cause of that icky issue. I would not apply directly though. Just use it on your hair, maybe even a teaspoon in your 24-32 ounces of water, it will find it’s way where it needs to be. 🙂



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