Fabletics– Motivation via cute workout clothes!

Not usually one to promote random stuff, but seriously, if you like to exercise and look cute, you NEED to check out Fabletics. And if you do, use my link provided below, and you’ll be inadvertently giving me $10 to spend on my own workout clothes. Thank you in advance! You’re so generous!


Oh and did I mention the first full outfit is $25? No? Oh. Well now ya know.


Goal !


My healthy journey has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From being over 200 pounds back in 2009 while my Dad was in Iraq, going through a gluten allergy and becoming a gym rat, I’ve come a long way. In January of this year I weighed in a 185lbs. Not happy with that at all, I decided to devote myself to drinking more water, exercising at least 3 days a week, and eating correctly. Both getting enough calories and the right kind of calories. I purchased a Fitbit ChargeHR, which has helped me SO much to gauge how much I need to be eating, and how my exercise effects my calorie intake.

Yesterday, my dad and I got a new scale (our old one broke), we split the cost of Fitbit’s Aria Wi-fi Smart scale. It measures BMI and body fat percentage as well as weight, and uploads your weight progress to your fitbit dashboard automatically whenever you weight yourself. And today I finally met my weight goal! Officially within the “healthy” fat % and BMI range at 167lbs!

So pleased with my progress. Exercise wise, I only do about 15-25 minutes of cardio (Usually elliptical, arc trainer or stair climber), and then about 25-30 minutes of weight lifting and calisthenics (Such as assisted pull-ups, dips, squats, incline crunches, bicep curls, and other various leg, back, and ab exercises). Doing hours of cardio is not the answer, ladies. Just FYI. Building muscle is the key. Muscle will literally burn fat for you while you sleep. It raises your metabolism, allowing you to eat more and burn more calories just by existing. And unless you’re taking steroids, it will not make you look bulky or manly, I promise. I do a lot of different kind of incline crunches and ab work, building my core up, and it’s helped define my waistline a lot! I’m very happy with it. 🙂

Anyway, my next step is to continue to lean out more, tone up my thighs and arms a bit, and continue to get stronger. My goal is to be able to do 2-5 pull-ups with no assistance. Currently I use about 85lbs of assistance, so lifting just under half my body weight. Working up slowly to more weight.

My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I want to be healthy, strong, and capable of whatever task He sets before me. Because he doesn’t always move the mountains that stand in your way, sometimes He wants you to climb them.

Until next time!!


My weekend in a nutshell


So my weekend started with walking the dam, where this amusing vandalism is. Best example of vandalism ever if you ask me.

Sad part of my hour long walk in direct sunlight is that I completely forgot to wear sunscreen….


So yeah…. Ouch. It looks worse now than in this picture… Hoping that it’ll be healed enough by tomorrow that I won’t be totally miserable at work. We shall see.

I’m excited to say that I’m little by little gaining skills at work! And really loving it!

Here is a sheet drawn by my trainer to help me learn to check eye pressure!


It’s very OCD and symmetrical. Which is pretty neat.

So that’s a summation of my weekend! Finished week 6 of my new job, I’m very pleased with my progress and the encouragement I’ve been getting from my superiors as well. ^_^

Anyway, hope your weekend has gone as well as mine has!


Week 4 of Ophthalmic Bootcamp!

Well, I’ve survived a whole month at my new job! Loving all the new skills I’m gaining, the people I’m getting to meet, it’s still very intimidating at times, but totally worth it.

At this point I can do everything in the basic exam except checking eye pressure (tonometry), but I’m fairly certain I’ll be learning that in the coming week.

I’ve never been at a job for a month and still felt so very outside of my comfort zone. The (self inflicted) stress that it’s put on my body has definitely taken it’s tole already. My motivation for non-work related activities is suffering. This week, however, I managed to get revved up enough to work out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Which definitely helps relieve pent up stress and anxiety. I need to remember that next time I’m feeling mentally exhausted.

Beyond that, nothing terribly exciting is going on. I’ve been too tired to do much. It’s kind of ironic, 80 hours in a pay period, making decent money, but no time to spend any of it except on gas to get back to work! Haha. Oh, and paying for a new alternator for my needy little brat of a vehicle.

It’s been rainy all weekend, which always calms my mind. I went walking on our local dam, it’s about 2 miles each way, and the light drizzle was so refreshing. Going to miss that cool breeze when Summer shows up.

I found this picture on Old Fashion’s Facebook page and it made me happy, so I decided to stick it here so you too could enjoy it. ^_^

That’s it for now, TTFN!

This is where the title goes if you’ve thought of one

Yesterday would have been my mom’s 48th birthday. Nearly three months since she went home, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Or maybe it does. It feels like it’s been forever, but at the same time, it still feels fresh, like it was only yesterday.

I find myself being hit with things sometimes quite suddenly… Not long ago I went with a friend of mine to David’s Bridal to pick up her wedding dress. While we were there she saw a thermos that said “Mother of The Bride”, and exclaimed “Oh! I love that! Definitely getting one of those for mom!” Moments like that just ache. I found myself looking around at all the dresses that night, seeing glowing young brides trying them on and their mom’s giving them advice, “Hmm.. I like that one, but I liked the lace better on the other one.” and thinking to myself “I don’t even know if I’ll ever be able to do this without crying…” My mom’s opinion on those things means more to me than anyones. My mom’s opinion on men, her approval, means so much to me.

Yesterday I decided to change my name on Twitter and Instagram, so instead of having my first and last name, it has just the first and middle. Because my mom’s name, Elizabeth, is also my middle name. I’ve always liked it, but in honor of her I’m sporting it even more proudly. Moriah means “The Lord is my Teacher” and Elizabeth means “Pledged to God”. I think that’s a pretty powerful combination.

The Lord is my Teacher,  I am pledged to Him.

Since November, I’ve definitely noticed changes in myself. Good changes, I’d say. Improvements. Ignoring the grief driven first month of eating whatever was in front of me, I’ve made my health a top priority. Doing some form of exercise almost daily and eating much more purposefully than I was previously. I’ve gotten more relaxed around people, become more outgoing, and a little bit better about answering my phone when it rings (It’s a serious problem, haha). I’m less concerned about peoples opinions and I (mostly) stopped hiding from people with cameras, mainly because I wish there had been more pictures of mom. She never liked having pictures taken, so there aren’t many recent ones of her. I’ve also made it a point to do at least one social thing a week. As in spend time with people on purpose not just go to starbucks and sit near people. (Guilty of calling that social time… yup.) Which has helped me immensely, because time around coworkers needs to be counterbalanced with time around those who encourage me with their speech and actions.

I’m trying (still) to find a place to take vocal lessons, but I’m coming up empty on that. Also looking into yoga classes (a pastime I miss terribly, one of my favorite forms of exercise) and still exploring the realm of college classes, trying to decide what to spend my precious few moneys on (I’m aware that moneys is not a word). At 21 I’ve pretty much given up on finding a “career” that I want to pursue, I will argue with anyone who claims that it’s somehow an incomplete view of life to just want to be a wife and mother. Not saying I won’t work, just that what kind of work I do is irrelevant to my dreams. I do love children’s ministry, but in all honesty, I’ve known far too many youth ministers (including my parents) to think for even a moment that you can earn a living that way. It’s a fabulous thing to do, whether you volunteer or do it part-time, but it’s not a career you can live on, in my experience. I’m hoping eventually I can arrange my work schedule in a way that will allow me to do that on the side, because that would really make my heart happy. Kids are such bright stars of life.

Anyway, I’ve been off work today, and gotten almost nothing done except catch up on some missed sleep, wash a few dishes and talk to my dog. He got stung by something yesterday, his ear is very swollen and painful… I keep telling him he’s kind of a dork for managing to get stung by something in 30 degree weather. But he doesn’t seem to understand… Then again, I don’t think clearly when I’m on benadryl either so I can’t really blame him.

Until next time!



I’m Twenteen!

Okaayy, fine, I’m twenty years old today. Not “twenteen”. But you have to admit that’s a fun nonexistent number!

Had a pretty cool last day of 19 yesterday. The girls in my college & career group were up in Asheville again, so when I went to Sunday’s life group meeting and then to the Church service, I was one of only two girls. Afterwards we were all quite hungry, so we made plans to go get lunch. The other girl decided she was going home, so I ended up going out to lunch and then to get frozen yogurt with a group of four guys. It was a blast. I found it really encouraging to just sit and listen to these guys talk about Jesus and the sermon and their Bible reading and what God is doing in their lives. (And also about Nascar, I promise they are real human males.)  One of them talked me into trying a bite of his sushi, and it was actually really good!

They were all very sweet and respectful and seemed glad to have me there, occasionally pulling me into the conversation, since I have a tendency to just listen and observe without contributing.

What blows me away the most is how far God’s brought me in this last year. This time last year I would never have felt able to go out with a group of four guys as the only girl (Or as one of the guys said, “I’m glad you came with us, even though you’re the only lady.”). And certainly wouldn’t have felt comfortable while I was there. We got out of Church at 12pm and didn’t leave the Frozen Yogurt place till 2:30pm. That’s a pretty big accomplishment for me.

Also, this morning I found out that one of my best friends got engaged (FINALLY) to her boyfriend of just over a year. I’m especially amused because two days ago I went to her apartment to deliver her birthday present (Her’s is the day before mine, she’s nine years older than me), which was a travel coffee mug with pictures of her and her boyfriend on it. He was there helping her clean up so she can move to her new apartment. When he saw the mug he said “Well, what am I supposed to get her now?! I have to take my thermos back!” And all that time he was planning to propose. Too cute.

Gah, I love cute couples.

Anyway, today I’m going to take some carrot cake cupcakes (Gluten-free!) with me to my Bible study, and in about an hour or so I’m going to the gym.

On your birthday?! 

Yes, actually. I like exercise and healthiness, okay? Don’t judge me.

The Seven Year Prayer

Due to stuff and things, I won’t get to baby sit those cute kids I mentioned last time. Which is sad. And it means $150 I will never see, as well. Which is mostly just sad because I’m unemployed right now.

The last few days have been pretty interesting. A group of my Bible study friends all went out to the lake (where I live there is a HUGE man-made lake that the locals all love to swim and boat and jet-ski in.) and had a nice evening of swimming and floating around, and then went out to eat afterwards. Quite a lot of fun. But that’s boring to you so I’ll skip to the more fascinating bit…

Seven years ago, I had a best friend. Over time, things happened between us and she decided I was no longer her friend, broke ties in a rather hurtful way, and since then refused to talk to me, though I tried hard to fix our friendship.

Recently, she contacted me. I was reluctant. I’ve grown since then and realized that our friendship was not a healthy one. I practically worshiped her and she ruled over me. And from what I could tell by her emails and texts, though she wanted to see me again, she still held ill will regarding my family. So I told her that I would see her, under the condition that she come to my house and see me and my family. She refused, saying she wanted me to meet her somewhere by myself.

The day I was at the lake, she sent me a text saying she had decided that she would do whatever it took to reconcile our friendship, and asked if I would see her the next day. So I told her to drop by my house.

She did. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her. Initially she looked fearful of being at my house, around my mother. But she came in and gave me a fierce hug. We didn’t bring up the past, just what was going on in our lives currently. She stayed about 30 minutes, and by the time she left, she gave both my mom and I a big hug.

At this point, I know we will never be as close as we were back then. But to think that seven years ago, I prayed that there would be a time when we would be on good terms with one another again, and it’s finally been answered. God’s timing is pretty amazing.

Anyway, just thought I’d share with you guys. Today I am on a Doctor Who mission, I finally broke down and bought Series 7 on iTunes and have been watching it. Best show ever. I am a geek.

Oh, also, random boring bit. I usually hate Summer. Because I hate heat. But yesterday, when I came home from the gym, still feeling energized, I went for a walk around the block. Mostly because my newly acquired tan (AKA, freckles. The pale girls tan.) needed some sun and I was wearing a racer back tank top. I actually enjoyed it! The heat wasn’t so bad! In the shade it was lovely, actually. Who knew?


TTFN, peoples!


Ma’am vs. Miss

I’ve realized something rather odd lately since I’ve started working at a place with primarily male customers. There are several types of guys: When it comes to older men, there’s the polite, sweet ones who call me sweetie, hun or “little lady”, and the icky ones who call me baby or chick. Then there’s the younger guys, less bold, who generally call me ma’am. (That’s the South for ya.) I don’t mind being called ma’am so much, though it does make me feel kind of old. But recently I had four or so guys call me “miss” in one day. As in “Hello, miss, how’re you?” and even though it’s very polite, and unlike ma’am, does not make me feel old, it somehow feels even weirder than ma’am. Perhaps just because it’s so foreign to me that it just sounds wrong.

Perhaps I’m being picky. Really, I don’t know what I’d like them to refer to me as. I am wearing a name tag, after all. The few that do call me by name are usually my favorites.

And why is it that it’s nearly always the older men who flirt with me? Clearly they can see they’re old enough to be my grandfather… Have they just grown to enjoy making young women feel awkward? Or have they simply lost all capacity for feeling embarrassed or ashamed by their forwardness? I’ve literally had an 80 year old man say to his friend quite loudly “Lets go to that line, no, the one with that fine lookin’ lady!” I’m sorry, but…. That’s just all kinds of creepy right there. Seriously. Ew.

That being said, I suppose I should head to the gym now to insure I stay a “fine lookin’ lady”. :/


Curves Vs. Skin

My super cool friend posted a blog in reply to my blog “Why Can’t I Dress Sexy?”, that was quite good!! And it made me think, as I was driving to work today, of a reply post to her reply post! (It’s beginning to sound complicated… But just, read my initial post, and then read her post, if you haven’t already read them, and then come back to this one. Or just read this one, whatever, I’m not your boss.)

In the quest to respect the Temple (which is my body, according to 1 Corinthians 6:19), and to not cause my brothers in Christ to sin, I have made some simple rules for myself. These are not in any way official, and they may not work for you (by that I mean they may not be strict enough for your personal taste), however, I thought I would at least share my thoughts.

Curves vs. Skin is one term I use to define my wardrobe. I am very strict about showing too much skin, but, rather than wearing baggy, unattractive things, I wear figure flattering things. Now, ladies, skinny jeans, leggings and yoga pants may be figure flattering for your body type, and they don’t show skin, but that does not mean they are modest. No man besides your husband needs to see every curve of your legs and butt. A rule of thumb to go by for jeans, you should be able to painlessly and easily slide your hand in between the outside of your hip and the seam that runs down the side of your leg (on both sides). There should be a bit of extra fabric there to allow you to move and bend easily. And NO PLUMBERS CRACK. That is just plain nasty. Also, leggings are not pants. Leggings are for wearing under dresses that are too short, and things like that where your butt is not in view. Yoga pants are for lounging around the house, or, if you go to an all women’s yoga class or gym (Such as “Curves” haha), so long as they aren’t tight enough to see your panty line, you can wear them there.

For shirts, the same thing is true. They should not be tight, but rather gracefully lay along the curves of your body. If you have a shirt that is low cut, wear a cami under it. You should not be able to see your bra through the shirt. They sell “nude” colored bras for a reason! (Side note, make sure you always wear the correct size bra. If you have to get sized, suck it up and do it, it is worth it. It can help with back pain, and it prevents that awful “spill-age/over-flowing” problem some of us bigger busted ladies have. You’ll be glad you did.)

When it comes to shorts, mid thigh or longer. These denim underwear they pass as shorts these days are ridiculous. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of my legs. My legs are insanely pale, I get razor bumps a lot, and I just generally don’t feel good in shorts of any length. So I usually wear capris.

It is very difficult to find modest clothes these days, so you have to be creative! For example, I have a workout shirt that is a bit low cut  under the arms, so it would show my bra on the sides quite a lot, and with it, a pair of workout spandex that my Dad calls “Bun-Huggers”. I fixed this by buying a cute pair of workout shorts which would otherwise be too short, that I wear over the pants, and a bright colored sports bra with good coverage to wear under the shirt. They whole thing looks very cute and sporty together, but isn’t showing anything it shouldn’t.

Swimsuit season is fast approaching, and I think many girls who usually dress quite modestly seem to forget that it applies to swim suits as well. NO ONE, under any circumstance, should ever wear bikini style swim suits. That is a glorified bra and underwear, ladies. This doesn’t mean you’re doomed to granny styled one pieces! (Which sometimes show a way too much leg anyway!)  They have some really cute tankinis now, and if you shop around, you can even find ones that aren’t low cut! Bikini bottoms should be a no-no. They have cute shorts, swim skirts, and surf shorts now that are much more modest and just as cute! Mix and match until you have a swim suit that you feel great in, and that a guy can appreciate for the right reasons.

Until next time!