The Great Romance

A Fall evening. Silent, except for the soft murmur of wind breathing across the dry, dead leaves. Elyon’s breath.

Can you imagine it? God’s breath on a cool evening, weaving through the trees, just waiting to be taken in.

You step outside and test the air. Cool, fresh. You take a deep pull. Mmm. It cleanses your lungs.

That pleasant smile that plays across your lips?

He was waiting for that. Like a lovesick groom, giving his bride a gift just to see her smile, he made that breeze pleasing just to see you enjoy it.

Ever danced in the rain? He was right there, dancing with you. That shiver of raw pleasure when the tiny drops land on your bare skin? That was Elyon’s touch.

Maybe you didn’t see it as that, but that’s what it was.

He loves to see you smile, to hear you laugh. That “warm fuzzy” feeling when you see something truly sweet and kind and tender? Elyon made that feeling possible.

That longing for closeness and love?

Just a small taste of the longing in His heart for you.

He’s been waiting for you since the beginning of time.

He was thrilled the day He made you real.

Now, He waits, like a Lover waits for his bride at the alter. He waits for you to choose Him. He chose you long ago, when He died for you. Now He waits for you to accept His offer of love.

Will you choose Him?

He’s waiting patiently now, but He won’t wait forever.

Choose now.


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